Denise Kissell

Denise Kissell BSDH, EFDA, MPH

Assistant Professor - Practice


  • 2019 Didactic Teaching Award.
  • 2018 Didactic Teaching Award.
  • 2011 Student Government Teaching Award.
  • 2008 Student Government Teaching Award.

Journal Articles


  • Partido, B.B.; Kissell, D., 2019, "Experiences and attitudes of magnification and coaxial illumination among dental educators in Ohio." Journal of dental hygiene : JDH / American Dental Hygienists' Association
  • Kissell, D.; Partido, B.B.; Moore, W., 2019, "Magnification and Coaxial Illumination in Dental Hygiene Education: Experience and attitudes of clinical educators.." J Dent Hyg 93, no. 1, 7-15 - 7-15.


  • Sanderson, T.; Kissell, D.A.; Henry, R.; Salisbury, J., 2016, "Evaluating Student Self-Assessment through Video-Recorded Patient Simulations." Journal of Dental Hygiene