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Financial Aid

There are many factors in determining eligibility for financial aid, such as State Authorization. Ohio State must be legally authroized in your state prior to offering financial aid to students.

Ohio State offers financial aid to assist our students in meeting their educational expenses, including both tuition and materials. To be considered eligible for financial assistance, you must file the current year’s FAFSA. Completing your FAFSA application will begin the financial aid process. You may apply for financial aid by completing the FAFSA application before you have been admitted to Ohio State. (Your information is then sent to Student Financial Aid at Ohio State where they will determine your eligibility). However, Student Financial Aid will not award any aid that you may be eli until you have been admitted into your program. Once approved, they will provide you with an Award Letter, which states the amount of loans you are eligible to receive.

Students enrolled in online graduate degree programs may be eligible for Stafford Loans by completing the FAFSA at The Ohio State University School Code is 003090. There are also a number of privately funded loans or scholarships that may be applicable for your Online Program at Ohio State.

To learn more about financial aid at Ohio State visit Student Financial Aid or contact the Student Service Center . To learn more about financial aid or to calculate how much your degree will cost, how much you need to save or how much aid you'll need, visit To assist our students in making their payments in a reasonable and timely fashion, Ohio State offers a Tuition Option Payment Plan (TOPP). This allows students and their families to divide the cost of tuition, housing and fees into installment payments for autumn and spring semesters. To participate, students must sign up for TOPP each semester and pay a $30 enrollment fee. Note: TOPP is not offered during summer term. 

Veterans Administration Educational Benefits

If you are currently serving or have retired from the military, you or your spouse may be able to receive funding. You may use your GI Bill once you complete your military service. If you are on active duty, you may receive tuition assistance from the military. For more information regarding veteran’s admissions or for questions regarding financial assistance, contact Ohio State’s Office of Military and Veteran’s Services.

Student Service Center

The Student Service Center provides custom service for the University Bursar, Registrar and Student Financial Aid.

Scarlet and Gray Financial

You can receive financial counseling through a one-on-one Skype coaching appointment or by viewing their iTunes U Course.